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Cultivating Quality: Thrive Quality Assurance Scheme

Author: Thrive
Number of pages: 61
Date of publication: 2007
Outsized A4 ring binder, full colour dividers and black & white inner pages

Cultivating Quality is Thrive's Quality Assurance Scheme and is an adaptation of PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations).

For those using social and therapeutic horticulture, being able to demonstrate accountability and quality of service provision is vital.

How do you know you are delivering a quality service for your clients?

How do you demonstrate good values for funders?

Funders and referrers are increasingly seeking reassurance and evidence from those running garden projects as to the relevant standards they have in place.

To find a solution to these external demands, garden project will want to take into account their own aspirations and those of their users, as well as ensuring the solution does not place unrealistic demands on their time.

Cultivating Quality is currently under review and not available at the present time.

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