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Gardening activities: Level 2: Taking hardwood cuttings

taking hardwood cuttings

  • helps strengthen grip
  • helps retain hand and eye co-ordination
  • helps maintain standing or sitting balance

You will need:

  • plants
  • secateurs
  • large pot
  • compost
  • watering can, label and pen

choose a stem  


Choose a stem that is pencil thickness and at least 30cm long


cut the stem off above a bud  


Cut the stem off above a bud.  Remove any leaves if necessary


make a flat cut  


Make a flat cut at the bottom of the cutting, just below a bud


make a sloping cut  

Make a sloping cut at the top of the cutting, above a bud


fill pot with compost  


Fill large pot with cuttings compost


Push cutting into compost  


Push cutting into compost


water and label  

Water and label