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Moving things in the garden for all disabled gardeners

Almost every garden job involves moving things – whether it’s carrying tools, moving plants and bags of compost, or taking weeds or cuttings to the compost heap.

Please note that this section looks at general ways of moving things for all disabled gardeners.

Top tips to make moving things easier

  •    Use a wheelbarrow to carry tools
    Have a range of carrying options that are comfortable to use for different jobs, from a lightweight bucket, tool belt, apron or bag for carrying tools, to lightweight barrows and trolleys for moving heavier items.
  • If you use a wheelchair or walking aid, look into carts or trays that you can attach to carry tools and sundries.
  • A plastic sheet can be used to collect trimmings and cuttings – and is easily dragged to the compost bin.
  • A two-wheeled barrow with a pram or walking stick handle is easier to move than a conventional barrow and can be steered with one hand.

  • A heavy object can be moved onto a low trolley with less lifting. Trolleys can be pushed without the need to bend.

  • Long-handled tools can be awkward to carry.  The multi-change tool ranges allow you to carry different heads and only one handle. Telescopic tools are also easier to carry when the handle is retracted.

 Taking care

  • Lifting and moving a heavy wheelbarrow can cause back, arm and hand strain and carrying buckets and bags can tire the arms and strain the back. Don't carry too much at one time, keep you back straight and bend your knees when lifting.

Equipment and tools

  •    Tool belt and secateur holster
    You can carry small tools using an organiser belt or apron to leave your hands free and secateurs can be carried in a holster.
  • A flexible rubber bucket with two handles will carry cuttings and other debris, or tools. It is easy to carry against your body.
  • A garden cart with an aluminium frame allows you to carry long tools and hand tools with smaller items in its tray. It also holds a refuse sack. The cart can be pushed without the need to bend and can be folded for storage.
  • A twin wheeled barrow with a pram or bar style handle might be useful if you have problems bending or use one hand.
  • A folding hand truck/sack trolley is a lightweight trolley for moving heavy objects around with minimum strain. The sack wheels and garden truck converts from a trolley or sack carrier into a truck with an extra long handle for easier pushing.

  • Move pots with a pot mover or a twin-wheeled trolley with a bar-style handle. Pot wheels are also helpful, they are low round platforms with three wheels, which allow you to push pots around the garden.

Flexible rubber bucket  

Flexible rubber bucket

The tough rubber like material that these buckets are made of is flexible and soft, which makes them easy to carry and versatile in use.

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Folding hand truck  

Folding hand truck

This is a tough product which has the advantage of being lightweight and folds for easy storage. It is light enough to hang on the shed or garage wall.

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