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Resources for Professionals and Practitioners

This section has a range of publications which give authoritative and comprehensive information on the practice and delivery of social and therapeutic horticulture.

The subjects covered include:

  • The 'Standard' Textbooks for STH - 'Horticultural Therapy Methods - Second Edition' and 'Horticulture as Therapy: Principles and Practice'
  • The use of social and therapeutic horticulture in different settings and with different client groups, including those with Autism, SEND and stress disorders.
  • Our range of Briefing Sheets and Back-to-Basics Information Pack

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How to garden and grow: gardening as therapy for children with SEND
This book covers everything from gardening basics and design considerations to a year-round programme of gardening and garden-related activities.

Digging for Victory
A comprehensive introduction to the methods of Horticultural Therapy as applied to veterans alienated from traditional civilian healthcare routes who present with a range of complex and challenging healthcare needs. 

Gardening for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Special Educational Needs
Gardening for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Special Educational Needs

Horticultural Therapy Methods - Second Edition
Horticultural Therapy Methods - Second Edition

Connecting People and Plants in Health Care, Human Services, and Therapeutic Programs

Briefing sheets 1 - 5
Sheets 1 to 5 cover information about careers in STH, securing funding for STH projects, our quality assurance scheme 'Cultivating Quality', and using horticulture in prisons and secure psychiatric facilities in the UK.

Briefing sheets 6 - 10
Sheets 6-10 look at the use of diaries and scrapbooks, sensory gardens, gardens and gardening for people who have dementia, adapted tools and getting help in your garden. 

Information pack - back to basics
This set of worksheets is designed to be used when teaching key gardening skills and basic horticultural skills to people of all ages who have a learning disability, but occupational therapists and those working with children will also find them useful.

Horticulture as Therapy: Principles and Practice
This book provides an authoritative and comprehensive overview of social and therapeutic horticulture. It is an excellent introduction to the subject for students, professionals and anyone wanting to know more.

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