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Briefing sheets 1 - 5


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Briefing sheet 1: Careers in social and therapeutic horticulture from getting in to getting on 

This Briefing Sheet gives information and advice to those considering working in social and therapeutic horticulture or interested in continuing their professional development. It covers the various training and development routes and provides an overview of some of the training opportunities and accredited courses which are available in the UK.

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Briefing sheet 2: Is a career in social and therapeutic horticulture for me?

The purpose of this Briefing Sheet is to help people decide whether they wish to pursue a career in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture, either as a career change (which is often the case) or as a first career. In order to help you answer this question it is helpful first to define what is meant by Social and Therapeutic Horticulture.

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Briefing sheet 3: Funding

This Briefing Sheet is designed to offer advice to those working at social and therapeutic horticulture projects and offers tips on securing funding. It covers the types of funding available and includes contacts and resources for further information.

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Briefing sheet 4: Quality assurance for social and therapeutic horticulture

Our Quality Assurance scheme ‘Cultivating Quality’ is under review, so this briefing sheet is currently unavailable.

Briefing sheet 5: Horticulture in secure settings

This Briefing Sheet provides an overview of research commissioned by Thrive from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, Kings College, London. This study looked at the use of horticulture in prisons and secure psychiatric facilities in the UK. The full report, Horticulture in Secure Settings, is also available from Thrive.

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