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Briefing sheets 6 - 10


Available free as pdfs or £1.00 including UK p&p. 

Briefing sheet 6: Diaries, journals and scrapbooks

Based on research undertaken in Thrive’s own Garden Projects, this Briefing Sheet looks at a variety of ways in which clients at garden projects can record their experiences in diaries, journal or scrapbooks. It includes general advice on good practise, brought to life by four case studies demonstrating differing approaches.

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Briefing sheet 7: Sensory gardens 

This Briefing Sheet is for anyone who wants to know more about gardening for the senses. It includes advice on design and accessibility, as well as a case study, and contacts for further information.

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Briefing sheet 8: Gardens and gardening for people who have dementia 

This Briefing Sheet gives information and advice on gardens and gardening for people with dementia. It will be of use to those working with this client group or those who wish to develop a garden or gardening activities for people with dementia.

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Briefing Sheet 9: Adapted Tools

This Briefing Sheet gives details of a variety of tools specially designed to make gardening tasks easier to undertake.

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Briefing sheet 10: Help with your garden

This Briefing Sheet is designed to offer information and advice to people who require practical help with their gardens. It covers how to get help in your garden, how to choose and appoint a gardener or garden maintenance company, which organisations can help, how much you should expect to pay, how to stay in control and what to do if something goes wrong.

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