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Getting on with growing in containers

Getting on with growing in containers
Getting on with growing in containers

This book shows how using containers can provide exciting, flexible and manageable growing spaces. Getting on with growing in containers will be invaluable whether you are new to gardening, or are more experienced.

The methods described have also been tried-and-tested by people who have sight loss including top tips from members of the National Blind Gardeners' Club. So whether you fancy a few herbs growing on your windowsill, or a profusion of flowering plants and vegetables, fruits, shrubs or trees, containers are ideal growing spaces.

The book's getting started section covers choosing a container and growing medium, arranging plants and planting up, maintenance - watering, feeding, plant support, potting-on, protection and pests and diseases.

There are also planting ideas and tips for ornamental containers, trees and shrubs, herbs, vegetables, fruit and houseplants. Lastly there is a useful year planner, a glossery of terms, equipments and suppliers, contacts and information about how Thrive can offer support.

Getting on with Growing in Containers is available as a free PDF download here.

This book is available in Large Print, Braille, as an Audio CD, or as a bound colour photocopy of the large print version

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