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Automatic lawnmower

This battery-powered rotary mower works on its own, cutting your lawn and mulching the cuttings. The price of this product is quite high at around £900, but the benefits of an automatic mower might make the extra cost worthwhile.

To set up the mower you need to peg down a thin wire around the perimeter of the lawn. Once this is done, the wire is left in-situ and gradually disappears into the lawn. A small battery-powered control box supplies a current to the wire which the mower detects and then cuts all the grass inside the wire.

The mower is quite heavy (50kg), but can be driven with a remote control unit onto the lawn from your garage or shed. When the machine in on the lawn you press the green button and away it goes!

This mower will not work on slopes over 15 degrees and is more suited to level well kept lawns. The three cutting blades are height adjustable.

This model is no longer produced.  See the current range from Robomow.

*Automatic lawnmower:
Motor:Powered by 2 x 12v dry lead acid batteries
Cutting width:56cm
Cutting capacity:600msq on one charge
ModelRobomow RL550
* Information correct at time of publication.