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Hand-held battery powered shears
  Particularly recommended for:
tickOne hand
tickWeak grip

Battery powered hand-held shears

These rechargeable battery powered shears are ideal for trimming small hedges, soft foliage and they can also be used on grass.

The non-stick cutting blades can be rotated through 180 degrees to cut edges and flat surfaces, and to give a more comfortable cutting position. Although the shears are quite light, the safety switch requires some strength and dexterity to use.

The shears will run for up to 60 minutes on one charge.
This model can be fitted with an long extension handle (model number: ACTS) to trim your lawn without bending or if you sit to garden. The shears also rotate 180 degrees with the handle fitted, so that you can cut the edge of the lawn as well as the top. There is a second on/off switch at the top of the handle.
*Battery powered hand-held shears:
Blade width:80mm
Running time:1 hour
SupplierWolf Garten
ModelACCU60 Comfort
* Information correct at time of publication.