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Battery powered pruner
  Particularly recommended for:
tickOne hand
tickWeak grip

Battery powered pruners

Although the handle of these pruners holds a battery and a motor, they are still reasonably light and very easy to use. They make light work of pruning, are great for repetitive tasks like deadheading, and will be particularly useful for gardeners who use one hand or have a weak grip.

The pruners have a bypass blade. When cutting the thickest and toughest stems (up to 14mm thick), you will need to ensure the branch is right at the back of the blades, but you will still get a good number of cuts in one charge. A five hour charge will give around 40 minutes use or 500 cuts, when cutting material of average thickness.

Safety features include a trigger control, a child safety lock, and a cutting limiter restricts use to one cut per second. The Swiss quality carbon steel blade can be replaced as needed.

The lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time, either from flat or part-charged, without any detriment to the battery, and the pruners are supplied with a mobile phone-style charger.
*Battery powered pruners:
Maximum branch size:14mm
Battery:3.6v lithium-ion
ModelBosch Ciso
* Information correct at time of publication.