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Bulb planter
  Particularly recommended for:
tickOne hand
tickWeak grip
tickBlind and partially sighted

Bulb planter

This tool is useful for creating small planting holes for bulbs and plants. Push the tapered body of the planter into the ground and extract a plug of soil by squeezing the handle.

The holes made by a bulb planter are around 60mm wide and up to 100mm deep. This tool is easier to use for planting small plants and bulbs than a trowel.

There are long handled versions of bulb planters, which you could use sitting down or to reduce bending, but you will need good balance and a strong arm to use them and they tend to glog up if the soil is damp. 
*Bulb planter:
SupplierGardena UK Ltd
* Information correct at time of publication.