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Compost bin
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Compost bin

A compost bin serves two purposes in you garden. Firstly it is somewhere to store and manage waste material and secondly it can provide you with some fresh and nutritious soil for your plants.

There are lots of compost bins on the market but the fully enclosed plastic ones seem to yield the best results as they hold in the heat and last a long time.

For ease of access choose a bin with an easy to open but secure lid. Also keep in mind that you will need to access the rotted down material. Ideally, have 2 compost bins and let one rot down completely whilst using material from the other.

If you only have one bin then it is good to have one that gives you access to the bottom without disturbing the material above.

This bin from Sankey has a door at the base for easy access to the compost and the lid is easy to remove. 

*Compost bin:
Capacity:220 litres
* Information correct at time of publication.