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Cordless battery powered rotary mower
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Cordless battery powered rotary mower

This model uses the latest battery technology to give a cordless rechargeable mower that is lighter  and easier to use.

The lithium ion battery, which only takes 1 hour to charge,  is small and light and gives enough power to mow a medium size lawn with grass of average height. The time that the mower will cut for without recharging will depend on the length of the grass and how quickly you push the mower.

The grass box is easy to remove and there is one lever to set the cutting height of the metal mower blade. The blade is adjustable for cutting between 20-60mm. There is a roller at the rear of the mower to help give a striped effect on the lawn.

*Cordless battery powered rotary mower:
Cutting width:37cm
ModelRotak 37Li
* Information correct at time of publication.