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Trimming hedges
This section of the website gives you information about the equipment and tools which can make gardening easier and more enjoyable when you have a disability.

Thrive do not supply equipment or tools directly. However, all the equipment and tools mentioned on this website are available from good garden centres, from garden shopping websites, hardware stores or in a few cases direct from the manufacturer. If you have problems finding tools to buy, follow the links to the manufacturer's websites and contact them to find your local stockist.

You can look at equipment and tools on this website in two ways.
Look in the boxes below to see information about choosing equipment and tools and a complete list of products for each gardening job.
Alternatively, you can use the Equipment and tool finder to look at products which might be particularly useful if you are gardening after a stroke or with heart disease, if you garden sitting down or from a wheelchair, if you have sight loss, have a weak grip, use one hand or if you can't bend easily.

Equipment and tool finder
To search for equipment and tools, select the gardening job you want to do. Then select the disability which best describes your needs. If you would like to see a full list of products for each gardening job, simply choose 'All equipment and tools'.
Tool finder help

Various gardening tools

How to choose gardening equipment and tools

When you are choosing and buying gardening products, you are often faced with a huge range of different models and brand names. By following a few simple hints and tips you can keep things simple, and avoid expensive mistakes.

Find out more about choosing new equipment and tools


Add-on grips and handles

Using an extra grip or adding an extra handle to a tool might make it easier for you to hold and grip. This will help reduce hand, wrist and arm strain when gardening.

Find out more about add-on grips and handles

Getting ready

Getting ready

Taking a bit of time to plan the job you are going to do and select the right equipment and tools can really make a difference.

Find out more about getting ready


Digging Tools

Digging can be hard work but choosing a tool that’s the right weight and length for you can make all the difference.

Find out more about digging tools

Weeding sitting down

Weeding tools

Keeping your garden free of weeds can be easier if you choose the right fork, trowel, hoe, weeder or cultivator.

Find out more about weeding tools

mowing and lawn maintenance

Tools for mowing and lawn maintenance

We can help you choose from the wide range of mowers and trimming tools on the market.

Find out more about tools for mowing and lawn maintenance

Lawn edging

Lawn edging

Your lawn will probably need tidying up around the edges, particularly after mowing, and there are a few tools that can make the job easier.

Find out more about tools for edging the lawn

Pruning tools

Pruning tools

It can be difficult to decide which secateurs, lopers and pruners are best for you. The right product can reduce strain and help you prune plants that are difficult to reach.

Find out more about pruning tools

Trimming hedges

Trimming hedges

The choice of tools for trimming a hedge ranges from the latest lighter battery powered shears to one-handed or half-size shears. Have a look at the options to make managing a hedge easier.

Find out more about tools for trimming hedges

Sweeping and Raking

Tools for sweeping and raking

Choose from brooms and rakes with longer or telescopic handles, models with lighter heads or consider one of the multi-change ranges.

Find out more about tools for sweeping and raking

Small can with control valve


Whatever you like to grow it makes sense to reduce your watering and to choose watering systems that are easier to manage.

Find out more about watering

Equipment and tools for sowing seeds

Equipment and tools for sowing seeds

This fiddly job can be made easier by using modular seed trays, tools that dispense seeds one at a time and by choosing different types of compost and seeds.

Find out more about sowing seeds

Equipment and tools for planting out

Equipment and tools for planting out

Ideas to help you include kneelers and long-reach spades, bulb planters and options for labeling and protecting young plants.

Find out more about planting out

Equipment for moving things in the garden

Equipment for moving things in the garden

Most garden jobs involve moving things and the right equipment can make it easier to carry your tools and move heavy or large items.

Find out more about moving things in the garden