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Digging Tools

There is a very wide range of tools for digging, from small hand trowels, rakes and hoes, to large spades and powered rotovators.

Digging helps break up the soil, to aerate it (get air into the soil) and it can help loosen weeds. The tools you choose need to be right for the job you want to do and also appropriate to your needs. Spades and forks are used for digging and turning over the soil while rakes and hoes are useful for soil cultivation, preparation and maintenance.

You can look at equipment and tools for digging in two ways. 

The full list of products is divided into categories and shown below, or you can use the Equipment and tool finder to look at products which might be useful if you: are gardening after a stroke or with heart disease; garden sitting down or from a wheelchair; have sight loss; have with a weak grip; use one hand; can't bend easily.

Equipment and tool finder
To search for equipment and tools, select the gardening job you want to do. Then select the disability which best describes your needs. If you would like to see a full list of products for each gardening job, simply choose 'All equipment and tools'.
Tool finder help

Trowel with arm support

Hand tools

Hand tools such as trowels and forks are used regularly in the garden so it's important to choose the best ones for you. This section features all kinds of hand tools including those with large easy-grips and multi-change tools.

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long reach hand tools

Long reach hand tools

Hand tools with longer handles are useful for light digging and cultivating the soil. They are particularly recommended if you garden sitting down or can't bend easily.

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Large tools for digging

Large tools for digging

Forks and spades come in different sizes to meet your needs. Thrive recommends smaller border style tools to make digging easier and help reduce strain.

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