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Gardena combi-system
  Particularly recommended for:
tickOne hand
tickWeak grip
tickBlind and partially sighted
tickSitting down
tickDifficulty bending

Gardena combi-system

This is a well-made range of tool heads and handles which are part of a multi-change range and are designed to be changed using one hand.

These products consist of handles with interchangeable tool heads. You simply choose a handle which is the right length for you, or a telescopic handle which you can adjust as needed, and then buy separate tool heads such as a rake, brush, trowel or fork. You simply the click the handle and tool head together as needed. 

Although these tools are more expensive to buy, they are good quality and can be used with long handles and shorter handles depending on the job you are doing.  

When choosing a handle for working standing up or from a chair, check the length allows you to work without bending too much and that you can keep your back straight – good posture when gardening will help prevent stresses and strains.

Gardena's lightweight telescopic handle, which extends from 58 to 98cm in length, is particularly suitable for creating small to medium length garden tools.


*Gardena combi-system:
Working width:7cm
SupplierGardena UK Ltd
* Information correct at time of publication.