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Baronet weed puller
  Particularly recommended for:
tickSitting down
tickDifficulty bending
tickOne hand

Gripping weed puller

This tool will remove all kinds of weeds in cultivated soil but is not suitable for use on lawns or in compacted ground.

The blade is pushed into the ground beside the weed, then the trigger is squeezed so that the claw grips the weed. You are then ready to pull the weed out.
This tool is ideal for use sitting down and with one hand but the metal grip is slightly slippery. The grip can be improved by adding insulation tubing or non-slip tape as used on bicycle handlebars.

The safety catch can also be difficult to use, so if possible try before you buy.

If using the tool in wet or sticky soil, you might find a stick is useful to clear the blade.

*Gripping weed puller:
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ModelBaronet weed puller
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