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Hoes and cultivating tools

When you have dug over the soil, a cultivating tool is useful for breaking up and aerating (getting air into) the soil, and hoes are good for weeding and levelling.

Here are a number of different tools depending on the task you want to do, including traditional hoes, soil tillers and millers, an electric cultivator, and Swoes.

Using hoes and cultivators can be easier if you use an add-on fist grip style handle and an arm support cuff - particularly if you use one hand, have a weak grip or weak wrist. Made by Peta UK Ltd, the add-on handle is wide and comfortable and sits at right angles to the tool handle. The arm support cuff slots into the end of the handle and as well as giving support, it stops the tool falling to the ground if you loose your grip.
If you use two hands, you can fit a second add-on handle further down a longer handle, like those on a rake or hoe, and hold it with your other hand to help you steady, push and pull the tool.

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Dutch Hoe

Dutch hoe

With a wide stainless steel head, this traditional tool is suitable for covering larger areas of reasonably well cultivated soil.

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Weeder Hoe

Weeder hoe

The V shaped notches at the back of the push pull type tool will catch the stems of thicker weeds and pull them out with the roots attached.

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This is an unusual but effective push pull type tool which is particularly light and useful for hard to reach areas.

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This is a large three-pronged tool used for quickly breaking up soil. It is dragged through the soil and used without lifting the tool head.

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Star soil tiller

Star soil tiller

This tool is used to level and refresh the top layer of soil after digging and is rolled backwards and forwards across the soil.

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Soil miller

Soil miller

Larger than the star soil tiller, this tool has a cutting blade at the back which digs deeper into the soil.

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Electric cultivator

Electric cultivator

Good for areas of soil that need regular cultivating, this powered tool is light and easy to use.

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