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Large tools for digging

Most garden forks and spades are available in two sizes, the larger are known as garden forks and spades and the smaller as border forks and spades. There are also scaled down forks and spades, commonly sold as children's tools, which are smaller and lighter.

To use a full size garden fork or spade you will need to be reasonably fit and even then care should be taken when using these tools to avoid stresses and strains. For this reason, we mostly recommend using smaller, lighter tools such as the border forks and spades or the scaled down versions.

The tools listed in this section include forks, spade, shovels, swoes, hoes and cultivating tools such cultivators, soil tillers or millers and an electric cultivator.

Forks and Spades

Forks and spades

There are a number of different designs that can make digging easier including lightweight products, tools with a centre tread or longer handles, and spring assisted tools.

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Cultivating tools

Hoes and cultivating tools

This section covers swoes, hoes and cultivating tools which help you break up and aerate the soil.

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