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Lawn edging shears
  Particularly recommended for:
tickSitting down
tickDifficulty bending

Long-handled lightweight lawn shears

These lawn shears have lightweight aluminium handles with soft rubber grips to cushion any jarring when trimming. The blades are adjusted using a self-locking wing nut.

The lawn edging shears are model number 5056 and the lawn trimming shears, with the blades horizontal and forward of the handles, are model 5054. The lawn trimming shears have a slightly longer blade and longer handles to save you bending - 185mm blade and 990mm handles.

Garden tools are not featured on the CK Tools website, but you can contact them on +44 (0)1758 701070 if you would like to find a local stockist.

These shears are no longer produced.
*Long-handled lightweight lawn shears:
Blade length:180mm
Handle length:920mm
SupplierC.K tools
* Information correct at time of publication.