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Peta long reach tools
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Peta long reach Easi-Grip hand tools

These long but light steel tools have soft grip handles that are at right angles to the tool head. This allows the wrist and hand to be held in a neutral position which reduces strain and gives you a much firmer grip on the tool.

A trowel, fork, cultivator and hoe are available in the long reach tools. They are good for light digging and cultivating the soil and are recommended for reaching to the back of beds, if you garden sitting down or can't bend easily.

The handles on these tools cannot be adjusted so check the length allows you to work without bending or stretching and that you can keep your back straight.

Most gardeners will find Peta's optional arm support cuff beneficial.  The arm support cuff is in two parts - a round cuff and a connector, which plugs into the back of all Peta's Easi-Grip tools and add-on handles. The cuff prevents you dropping the tool if you loose your grip, and makes the tool more comfortable in use. Find out more about the Peta arm support cuff

Peta also sell a range of short hand tools with the Easi-Grip handle which can also be fitted with the arm support cuff. Find out more about Peta Easi-Grip hand tools
*Peta long reach Easi-Grip tools - Cultivator:
Model:PLR-C cultivator
Use with:Peta arm support cuff (PGT- AS)
SupplierPeta UK Ltd
*Peta long reach Easi-Grip tools - Trowel:
Model:PLR-T Trowel
Use with:Peta arm support cuff (PGT- AS)
SupplierPeta UK Ltd
* Information correct at time of publication.