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Pruning tools

Pruning is cutting back shoots and branches on a shrub or tree to remove any dead or diseased growth, to shape the plant and to limit its size. Pruning encourages the production of buds to make flowers and fruit.

There are a number of tools that can be used for pruning. They are secateurs, loppers, long reach pruners, tree pruning systems and saws. There are also scissors designed for use in the garden, which you can use when cutting flowers or dead heading plants with thinner stems.

You can look at equipment and tools for pruning in two ways. 

The full list of products is divided into categories and shown below, or you can use the Equipment and tool finder to look at products which might be useful if you: are gardening after a stroke or with heart disease; garden sitting down or from a wheelchair; have sight loss; have with a weak grip; use one hand; can't bend easily.

Equipment and tool finder
To search for equipment and tools, select the gardening job you want to do. Then select the disability which best describes your needs. If you would like to see a full list of products for each gardening job, simply choose 'All equipment and tools'.
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There are a number of secateurs to choose from in this section, most of which are available with two different types of blade. Secateurs are also available in different sizes and for use left handed.

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These tools are generally used for cutting thicker stems and branches that are too thick for secateurs. This section has four main types of loppers including products with telescopic handles, mini and lightweight models.

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Long reach pruners

Long reach pruners

Ideal for cutting hard-to-reach branches, this group of tools includes models with telescopic handles, lightweight products and tree pruner systems and saws.

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Tree pruning systems and saws

Tree pruning systems and saws

Pruning medium and high growing trees and shrubs can be made easier using these tree pruning systems. Garden saws have teeth specifically designed to cut live green wood.

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Garden scissors

When cutting flowers or deadheading plants with thinner stems it is best to use scissors designed for the purpose. Long reach cut and hold models are useful for deadheading and gathering high growing flowers.

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