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Mowbot charging house
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Robot lawnmower

This robot lawnmower, which costs around £1,500, works on its own to cut your lawn and mulches the cuttings.

Like the automatic lawnmower, Robomow RL350, this model works within a thin wire which you peg around the perimeter of your lawn. The wire is then left in-situ and gradually disappears into the lawn. When it's finished cutting the lawn, the mower automatically returns to a charging 'house', which sits  on the edge of your lawn.

The lightweight construction, modern battery and electronics mean that this small mower can cut large lawns. It even has a rain sensor to delay mowing if the lawn is too wet.

An optional wireless remote control is available so you can use the robot on lawns that are difficult to wire up, perhaps due to their size or distance from a power supply.

This mower is no longer produced
*Robot lawnmower:
Motor:Powered by lithium ion battery
Cutting width:22cm
Cutting capacity:2600msq on one charge (area of 5 tennis courts)
SupplierMower Magic
ModelMowbot 200DL
* Information correct at time of publication.