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Spring assisted fork and spade
  Particularly recommended for:
tickDifficulty bending

Spring assisted fork and spade

This unusual tool has been used by allotment gardeners for many years and has now been improved with a stainless steel blade.

The technique used with this tool is different to digging with a spade or fork and you need to dig a trench first.

You push the blade into the soil behind the trench and then pull back on the handle to flick the soil which is on the blade into the trench - all this without lifting the tool head or bending.

This tool is designed for digging over soil and not
for digging holes for planting.
*Spring assisted fork and spade:
Model:Stainless steel backsaver
Other models:Carbon steel backsaver
SupplierBacksaver Garden Tools
* Information correct at time of publication.