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Tools for sweeping and raking

Sweeping and raking are necessary tasks in all gardens and there are many different products to make the job easier. In this section we recommend lightweight, long reach and smaller brooms and dustpans, and lightweight, smaller and grabber style rakes.

We also recommend tools to help you pick up garden debris. Clearing up might be easier if you sweep or rake onto a large plastic sheet, which you then drag to your compost heap. Other ways to pick up debris include using debris collectors, grabbers or a garden vac, all of which save you having to bend down.

Raking and sweeping can be easier if you use an add-on fist grip style handle and an arm support cuff - particularly if you use one hand, have a weak grip or weak wrist. Made by Peta UK Ltd, the add-on handle is wide and comfortable and sits at right angles to the tool handle. The arm support cuff slots into the end of the handle and as well as giving support, it stops the tool falling to the ground if you loose your grip.
If you use two hands, you can fit a second add-on handle further down a longer handle, like those on a rake or hoe, and hold it with your other hand to help you steady, push and pull the tool.

Find out more about Peta add-on handle and arm support cuff


Sweeping garden paths and paved areas keeps them clear and safe.  Sweep regularly, especially at leaf-fall, or when you’ve been weeding or doing other work.  Although a broom is a low-tech piece of equipment, there are many variations on the market. The lightest garden garden brooms are from the multi-change ranges, where you can fit an aluminium handle with a brush head.


Raking break ups and levels the soil, helps to remove stones and prepares the soil surface for planting and seed sowing. A garden rake with short, strong prongs is used for this job.  

You also need to rake the lawn using a spring-tined lawn rake to clear ‘thatch’ – the build-up of dead grass and moss, etc, that can stifle the lawn. This can be hard work as it requires alot of strength. Leaf rakes, also with springy tines, are used to gather grass cuttings and leaves from the lawn.

You can look at equipment and tools for sweeping and raking in two ways. 

The full list of products is shown below, or you can use the Equipment and tool finder to look at products which might be useful if you: are gardening after a stroke or with heart disease; garden sitting down or from a wheelchair; have sight loss; have with a weak grip; use one hand; can't bend easily.

Equipment and tool finder
To search for equipment and tools, select the gardening job you want to do. Then select the disability which best describes your needs. If you would like to see a full list of products for each gardening job, simply choose 'All equipment and tools'.
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Lawn rake

Lawn rake

The long flexible tines help rake up leaves and debris from the lawn. This lightweight rake head and separate handle are part of a multi-change range.

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Leaf rake

Leaf rake

This leaf rake is for gathering grass clippings, leaves and debris from either lawns or paved areas.

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grab and lift rake

Grab and lift rake

This tool rakes up leaves like a conventional rake but when you push the handle mecahnism the large scoops close together and lift the debris.

Find out more about grab and lift rake

Small hand rake

Small hand rake

Light and easy to handle, this rake tool head fits on different length handles, or a telescopic handle, and is ideal if you sit or stand to garden.

Find out more about small hand rake

Short-handled broom

Short-handled 'witches' broom

This child's version of a classic-style broom is ideal if you sit to garden or need a shorter handle length.

Find out more about short-handled 'witches' broom

Long-handled dustpan and brush

Long-handled dustpan and brush

This version of the standard household tool has long handles on the dustpan and the brush to save you bending, or for use when sitting down to garden.

Find out more about long-handled dustpan and brush

Large lightweight broom

Large lightweight broom

The lightest brooms for outdoor use are from the multi-change ranges. The lightweight brush head fits onto a handle long enough to prevent too much bending.

Find out more about large lightweight broom

Cordless leaf blower

Cordless leaf blower

This battery powered blower is useful for small jobs like collecting leaves and it is lighter than a garden vac.

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Garden gripper

Garden gripper

This long-handled grabbing tool is useful for picking up debris in the garden and has a fold-out spike for litter.

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Grab and lift debris collector

Grab and lift debris collector

Similar to the debris collectors with metal scoops, this model has plastic blades which make less noise when used on paving and other hard surfaces.

Find out more about grab and lift debris collector

Flexible rubber bucket

Flexible rubber bucket

The tough rubber like material that these buckets are made of is flexible and soft, which makes them easy to carry and versatile in use.

Find out more about flexible rubber bucket

Bosch self-feeding shredder

Self-feeding shredder

This powerful shredder is quieter than most and has a useful self-feeding mechanism.

Find out more about self-feeding shredder

Bosch small shredder

Small shredder

For shredding softer material, this model is easy to move but powerful and has a safety mechanism to help you push branches in.

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Compost bin

Compost bin

Selected for ease of use, this bin is partly made from recycled consumer waste and gives access at ground level.

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